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We are Diamond and Sunandha a mother daughter duo taking over the culinary world! Our cuisine of cooking includes Southern and American Style but with a twist. We also specialize in homemade desserts and specialized menus for our customers. We believe that every customer who experiences Royalty catering will be treated like Royalty with no exceptions.

We have 12 plus years of catering and food industry experience.


Our main goal is to please our customers and make their events special. 

Why Choose us?

  • We will bring back the joy of home-cooked meals and family dinners like grandma used to make it, the joy of bonding over great food.

  • Try something new! discover new flavors and taste mouthwatering dishes!

  • We offer a variety of options that fits your needs!

  • We will give you great food and quality service.

  • Private and quality time with your loved ones you can't get on a night out!

  • We follow all health and safety procedures expected in the kitchen!

  • To have that extra glass of wine paired with delicious food.

  • To avoid finding a babysitter!

  • Stay comfortable in your own home no need to get dressed and find parking.

  • We will save you time! Use your time for something else more important.

  • And the best of all, no dishes to wash!

  • You will be able to fully enjoy your evening, we take care of everything! we promise to treat you and your guest like royalty.

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